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Disney's Just Roll With It Cast Gives Us a Tour

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories are a big trend in television nowadays.... but what happens when you bring that format to a LIVE studio audience?! That's just what Disney Channel was bold enough to do with their innovative and interactive new series, "Just Roll With It"! Young Hollywood heads to the set for a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what goes into making this show work, with its unique blend of scripted comedy and improvisation. We sit down with the talented castmembers tasked with making this show work, including Ramon Reed, Kaylin Hayman, Suzi Barrett, Tobie Windham, and the hype-mistress DJ Lela B.! Get to know more about the story and characters the show revolves around, plus a tour of the radio station set, and find out some of the craziest scenarios that the audience has thrust the actors into!